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uying pet insurance is important to ensuring your pet will be properly cared for in the event that something. The most important thing about buying pet insurance though is making sure you purchase the correct pet insurance type. Just like with humans, you need to make sure you’ve got the right sort of coverage.

If you have a purebred animal, you need make sure you know exactly what sort of genetic disorders your pet is predisposed towards. This will help you figure out what pet insurance type you need. You’ll need to carefully review the various policies to see what sort of exclusions they have. Sometimes certain treatments aren’t covered for pre-existing or genetic conditions. For the same reason, make sure there are no limitations. Some companies place a ‘cap’ or maximum limit on how much they will cover. This way you can make sure it covers the things most likely to happen to your particular pet and that you won’t run out of coverage when things start getting pricey... more

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